Mom Influencers

Social Influencer Engagement

MomSelect connects social media influencers with companies who share their values and needs. BSM Media has authentic relationships with over 6,000 bloggers, vloggers, Tweeters, and Facebookers, all of whom are screened for influence and reach.


Millennial Influencers

Social Influencer Engagement

With access to thousands of Millennial Influencers, we create customized marketing campaigns that generate Instagram posts, live Periscope broadcasts and social video. Our digital natives have a wide social footprint that can amplify your message through authentic content and marketing tactics that speak to their interests, lifestyle, and everyday behaviors.


Mom Talk Radio

Mom Voice

Mom Talk Radio is the only nationally syndicated radio show to target mothers. Maria Bailey hosts this one-hour talk show that tackles the issues important to today’s moms. Mom Talk Radio airs weekly across the US and is also available for listening online and as a podcast. Mom Talk Radio is the most-downloaded parenting podcast on iTunes.



Peer-to-Peer Sharing

MommyParties™ specialize in “word of Mom” by creating in-home parties with Moms and products. It’s the most powerful form of marketing to Moms. Imagine Moms talking about your product in a kitchen or a group of mothers engaging with your brand in a living room – it’s the best in peer-to-peer influence.


Social Spotters

In-Store Sharing

BSM Media’s influential Social Spotters are scouring store shelves for the latest must-haves, snapping photos and sharing them with their thousands of social media followers. Your product can be their latest find!


MomTV and Amazon

Peer Reviews and Social Video

BSM Media and MomTV are proud to announce their new partnership with Amazon as the exclusive Mom video review provider. Through our Amazon partnership, we can now produce quality videos for you with our highly influential Mom bloggers and share them on Videos with your products will be featured on your product’s Amazon page, Amazon’s video shorts channel, a dedicated channel on, and the social media channels of our influencers.



Social Video

MomTV is the first online television platform for Moms. MomTV provides an extensive library of Mom-produced video programming. Each week MomTV entertains, informs, and energizes Moms with peer- and expert-delivered video content. MomTV offers brands the opportunity to broadcast and host live events via Facebook.


Social Media Conferences

In Person Influencer Engagement

BSM Media creates award-winning and in-demand social media events for leading brands. Among them are Beaches Resorts Social Media on the Sand, Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, and HP Print and Pamper Retreats.