Incorporating the Whole Family to Build Product Hype

Social Spotters

BSM Media teamed up with Balloon Time to create a buzz online to purchase Balloon Time’s helium kit, available at big box retailers. By activating the Social Spotters network to find and locate Balloon Time products and share photos of them online, we were able to increase brand awareness and generate consideration for Balloon Time among mom consumers.  All influencers reported their intent to purchase Balloon Time again in the future. Based on the measurements and the positive feedback from our influencer network, this campaign was a success!


  • 172 total shares resulted in over 13,900 engagements and 6.7 million total impressions
  • 100% of Social Spotters said they are likely to purchase Balloon Time in the future
  • 100% of Social Spotters said they would recommend Balloon Time to friends and family
  • Moms were excited about the project, saying their kids got involved with them