BSM Media is an internationally recognized full-service marketing and media firm with the greatest breadth and depth of relationships with Moms and their families. Our clients enjoy success by leveraging our extensive market knowledge and network of influencers.  We’ve studied most of Millennials and Gen Z since birth and twenty years of immersion in the Mom market gave us a front row seat to the distinctive development of Millennials and Gen Z. Our unique combination of market knowledge and results oriented approach allows us to help companies reach their goals with trendsetting marketing tactics.  We don’t rely on yesterday’s buying trends but on total 24/7 immersion in the marketplace.

Why Moms?

  • A purchasing force of 83 Million in the US today
  • Control  $3.1 TRILLION in annual US spending
  • Share 6 times more than any other consumer groups
  • Spend an average of 3 hours a day online
  • 4 times more likely to review a product and 9 times more likely to read one

Why Their Families (Millennials and Gen Z)?

  • As of 2016, the largest consumer segment in the US
  • Spend $600 billion annually
  • Set trends for Boomers and Generation Xers
  • 5 times more likely to try a new product or brand
  • Most socially connected consumers in history
  • Teens and tweens have more discretionary income than ever before

In addition to offering clients marketing services, BSM Media owns and operates several media properties including:,,,,, and These media outlets give us access to the pulse of the market of Moms and their families, every minute of every day. We translate this information into marketing programs, strategies and initiatives that produce results for our clients, allowing them to maximize their marketing dollars by leveraging relationships BSM Media already has in the marketplace.


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BSM Media is paid by its clients to promote their brands and products. From time to time, we will utilize our media properties to endorse their products and brands as part of paid campaigns. Each media property operates by its individual compliance of FTC regulations. All opinions expressed reflect the values and tastes of the BSM Media team and are never influenced by the products, services or brands that we serve.

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