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Marketing to Millennial Moms Crash Course

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M$M Jumpstart

The BSM Media M$M JumpStart Program is designed to provide small and start-up companies a platform for learning and the opportunity to execute professional marketing programs focused on mom consumers within a budget that mirrors their stage of development.

Companies accepted into the M$M JumpStart Program will receive the following:

  • Access to the BSM Media Crash Course Marketing Program
  • 30 minute consultation with Maria Bailey ($400 value)
  • Outreach to 5 Mom Influencers or Content Creators with at least 1 social post
  • Inclusion in semi-annual MomSelect Facebook Live
  • Membership into private M$MJumpStart Facebook community with the ability to network and collaborate with other JumpStart companies
  • Invitation to monthly M$MJumpStart community video discussion (may also be held in closed Clubhouse room)
  • Inclusion in quarterly research with the opportunity to submit 3 questions in online survey
  • Social posts about product to MomSelect Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts

Time Investment and Requirements:

  • M$M JumpStart participation is limited and begins on the first Tuesday of every month.
  • Consultation takes place Monday-Thursday EST via zoom or conference line and may include up to 3 members of your team.
  • M$MJumpStart community discussion is 60-80 minutes.
  • Participants are encouraged to be active in the M$MJumpStart as it is a place of learning and networking.
  • Influencer engagement will include nano-macro influencers and is dependent on criteria and product fit.
  • Participants will be schooled in measuring social media engagement and metrics however measurement of influencer engagement will not be provided by BSM Media.


  • Minimum of 7 pieces of product or variation of products
  • Shipping costs of products
  • $1500 fee  Launch SPECIAL PRICE: $980.00  (shauna do some kind of splash with the $1500 crossed out)
  • Additional months of influencer engagement available @$600 per month (3 months maximum)


For more information or to apply for participation, please contact

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