Experiential Marketing

Everything BSM Media does, it does based on relationships with moms and fresh consumer behaviors including our experiential marketing events.  If you would like to get your brand up close and personal with moms, let us create a program for you.

BSM Media has executed over 1 million in home events  with MommyParties , virtual Zoom events as well as large family conferences with hundreds of attendees.

We have strong relationships with many baby expos and events such as Mother of All Baby Showers and can incorporate a pop up experience  product demonstrates.

BSM Media popularized the Zoom Party and Sidewalk Show during Covid which engaged families in sharing product with neighbors and family at a distance.  Today we continue these events because of the social media results they produced for our clients. Little Tikes used BSM Media to execute over 100 World’s Biggest Playdate Parties with mom influencers during the height of the pandemic.  Ultimately the in-home virtual events also produced 3 million online impressions for the brand and drove product sales across Amazon.com.

Got an idea for your brand or product that you just aren’t sure will work?  No idea is too big or too small for BSM Media to bring to life.  Email Maria@bsmmedia.com and give us a shot!

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