Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is all the rage in marketing to moms.  It’s not new to BSM Media.  We’ve been doing influencer marketing since the days when “influence” was a verb and not a job title.  In fact, influencer marketing used to be called, “word of mouth” marketing and BSM Media set many of the trends in today’s mom influencer landscape.  We are proud to have worked with more than 1 million mom influencers over the past decade which generated over 1 billion, yes BILLION, online impressions and MILLIONS of engagements.

The truth about influencer marketing and moms is that it should be done with strategy, authenticity, and relevance.  Just because a mom has 300,000 followers doesn’t always mean that she has 300,000 potential buyers for your product.  She may not even have 1 buyer.  Our experience and knowledge of mom influencers will prevent you from wasting money and being disappointed in your results.

BSM Media leverages our relationships with over 45 influencers in our networks, MomSelect, Millennial Influencers and Gen Z Influencers as well as influencers outside our networks.  We work with nano to celebrity influencers to maximize your budget and improve your outcome.  We don’t use artificial intelligence or technology to match you with moms because not every influencer is the right influencer for your product and brand.  We dig deeper to match you with influencers that share your values and customer profiles and who isn’t oversaturated promoting products which sometimes can include your competition.

We believe influencer can be found across social channels which is why we stretch your budget by integrating content on multiple platforms including Instagram, Stories, Facebook, Clubhouse, Tik Tok,  Twitter and YouTube.

Let us prove to you that we know our stuff when it comes to influencers.  Email for a proposal or consultation call.

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