Mom Sampling

Brand to hand sampling that leverages the local and social networks of social media moms amplified with the power of peer to peer endorsement.  

Covid has limited the opportunity for brands to sample products at in-person events or grocery aisles.   BSM Media engages mom influencers, organization leaders, mommy groups and more to physically share brand products with friends, family and mom members in their community.

Your brand sets the customer criteria for your product. Options include:

* Scout Troop Moms * New Moms * Mothers of Middle Schoolers * Fitness Moms * Travel Moms * 
* Prenatal Mothers * Hispanic Families * Meal Planners * Healthy Eaters * Large Family Moms *

  • BSM Media recruits and screen our Social Samplers for moms that align with your product or brand for example, moms dedicated to fitness align with healthy food options.
  • The Social Sampler receives an agreed upon number of your samples to distribute to friends, neighbors, mom groups and others that fit your product’s customer segment.
  • The Social Sampler not only distributes your samples but also posts 1 image of herself enjoying your product on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Your brand receives all the benefits of sampling with the bonus of a social post.

BSM Media provides a complete wrap up report of who received your samples and social posts.

Social Samples is a great way to get product into the hands of potential buyers while receiving the social amplification of influencers.

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