Retail Activation

You’re launching a product, Walmart, Target or other retailers have given you a test market.  Now it’s up to you to make moms aware of the new product and drive moms into those stores to purchase the product.  BSM Media has created the most successful product launch tactic in the CPG, Food and Toy industry. It’s called Social Spotters. To date, Social Spotters has amplified the launch of over 500 new products and helped to drive growth by retail activation supported by social media.

Social Spotters is a retail activation, social engagement, recommendation, and consumer feedback all in one tactic. It’s built on consumer behavior and a simple and strong strategy: Engage Influencers to drive traffic into retail by sharing news of your product while illustrating to busy moms where she buy it!

Social Spotters

  • Builds consumer awareness by collaborating with digital storytellers and mom influencers to educate peers and audiences on product benefits and where to find products.
  • Utilizes user-generated content to drive interest for new product.
  • Geo-target influencers and content creators to participating locations with new product.
  • Utilize new and emerging digital platforms, such as  Instagram Reels, TikTok and Pinterest, to bring the immunity experience to life for followers and maximize budget.
  • Provides the brand sales team with tangible examples of retail support to report back to the retailer.

Social Spotters directs mom influencers into participating retailers where they post a picture of the new product in the retail environment and post again using the product at home. For products only available online, social spotters highlight the ease of ordering the product while introducing it to followers.

Check out the examples of recent Social Spotter campaigns below.  When you’re ready to push product and increase awareness, email for a proposal or consultation.

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