Creating Genuine Joy to Build Brand Loyalty with Surprise and Delight Campaign


We teamed up with Qixels for one of our favorite project types, a surprise and delight event. BSM Media mailed boxes of Qixels to social media influencers and their families after identifying top social media influencers in the product age range. Through surprise and delight projects, we are able to spark genuine joy and memories, igniting lasting relationships with brands and products.  In this project with Qixels, we were able to partake in marketing to the whole family by sending beautifully wrapped personalized packages with Qixel products to Social Media Influencers’ homes.  Through family marketing, we engaged not only the Social Media moms, but also their Gen Z kids who have a social presence.  Through the anticipated arrival of the surprise and delight box and the actual unboxing by influencers and their children, over 129,000 total social media impressions were generated for the Qixels brand.


  • 16 out of 20 recipients shared their experience with Qixels
  • Just 20 recipients generated over 129,000 total impressions on social media
  • Moms posted that BSM Media was able to make their day, associating the brand with positive moments with their families