Demonstrating the Loyalty of Moms

Influencer Marketing

In the first week of school cancellation and stay at home orders, many mom influencers were hit with the cancellation of brand campaigns.  Some mom bloggers reported 90% of their income disappearing overnight.  Many of these women are single moms or women who supplement their family income.  Many are influencers who support Little Bites throughout the year working on campaigns. As a way to show our mom influencers support during these challenging times, BSM Media teamed up with Little Bites to help. BSM Media waived its fees and Little Bites contributed a small budget to provide mom influencers work.

We provided no parameters other than brand guidelines and only one message: Little Bites as a brand wanted to support moms both personally and professionally.  The moms appreciated the gesture so much they developed the hashtag #BrandsSupportingMoms and took to social media to demonstrate their love for Little Bites.

The results: 750,000 Impressions across different channels, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok & LinkedIn as well as media attention