Event Creation to Catch Fire

Experiential Marketing

The team at Disney Parks wanted to directly connect with moms in select markets across the country as well as extend the reach of their coveted Disney Social Media Moms Conference. BSM Media created a traveling series of engaging events in key markets across the country known as Disney Social Media Moms “On-the-Road”. What began as local events organically caught fire, due to social media buzz and word of mouth, and drew a larger, regional audience.


  • Three events sold out within days, with 20% of attendees traveling more than 200 miles
  • Over 180 million impressions from 100 blog posts; 22,000 tweets; 150 Facebook posts; and 60 Pinterest boards
  • Event hashtag trended above major international events in 2014, including the World Cup
  • 300+ attendees shared over 2,000 photos on their social networks