Sweepstakes Drive Moms into Stores to Find and Share Products

Sweepstakes Drive Moms into Stores to Find and Share Products

BSM Media created a buzz online for PlayMonster’s Wonder Crew products. By activating our Social Spotters network to share photos of products in stores, we were able to increase brand awareness and recognition for Wonder Crew products among mom consumers. PlayMonster was able to gather information in order to assure proper retail placement for their products in stores through images of products on retail shelves.  After gaining this valuable information, the brand utilized the Social Spotters’ social media influence to amplify their marketing efforts by inspiring the influencers to post photos to Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to activating 50+ Social Spotters, BSM Media hosted a sweepstakes to drive moms into stores to find Wonder Crew products and to share photos of them online for a chance to win a PlayMonster prize pack, which resulted in over 80 entries. Overall, BSM Media exceeded the benchmarks for shares and impressions for this campaign. We focused on maximizing PlayMonster’s investment by fielding a survey regarding product play patterns and durability. Based on these measurements, and positive feedback from our mom influencer networks, this campaign was a success


  • A total of 215 social media shares resulted in nearly 9,300 engagements and over 2.2 million impressions
  • Over 80 sweepstakes entries were made, resulting in more than 500 engagements and 386,000 total impressions
  • 78% of Social Spotters were not familiar with Wonder Crew products before the initiative, and 100% later said they are likely to purchase a Wonder Crew product
  • 22% of Social Spotters were able to report and correct incorrect product placements in stores
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