Connecting Brands with Moms and Their Families

At BSM Media, we have a passion for creating meaningful relationships between influencers and brands. We help brands:

  • Create Compelling Content
  • Expand Their Social Voice
  • Engage Influencers
  • Corral Brand Ambassadors

  • Stimulate In-Store Sharing
  • Actualize Social Video

Our proudest projects and programs:


Our Expertise

  • Influencer Matchmaking that creates authentic and deep connections between brands and Influencers
  • Leveraging our extensive market knowledge to drive higher ROI for our clients

What Sets Us Apart

  • An established network of Influencers with the greatest depth and breadth of any other segment
  • Market knowledge that is recognized by leading media outlets such as Wall Street Journal, CNN and Ad Age
  • Official content provider for Amazon Video Shorts, including video product reviews and consumer-generated content
  • Marketing tactics that set the trend for tomorrow’s marketing programs
  • Higher results with a lower cost of engagement
  • We work in partnership with other agencies or directly with client

Some of Our Clients

What They Are Saying


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