Before Mom hits “add to cart” on, she’s checking out what other consumers think of your product. Give her another reason to purchase by featuring trusted, mom-produced product review videos right on your product’s Amazon page.

Through MomTV’s partnership with, we can produce quality videos from highly visible mom influencers sharing their experience with your product. It’s been reported that product sales increase by 20-25% when a mom watches a video on an Amazon product page. MomTV’s Amazon videos are featured on your product’s Amazon listing, Amazon’s video review channel, in Amazon product searches, and on influencers’ social media channels.

Moms Trust MomTV Reviewers

MomTV Amazon videos will be featured on:
– Your product’s Amazon page
Amazon’s video review channel
– The social media channels of our influencers

Here’s What Your Review Looks Like on Amazon:

It’s easy to execute:
1. Select your products to be reviewed.
2. We match the best moms for your product with your approval.
3. Mom influencers receive the products at home to experience and review on video.
4. BSM Media provides the video reviews to Amazon.
5. You enjoy increased visibility and sales!

Turnkey packages available or we can customize a video buy to meet your needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors in the crowded online retail market!

Contact for more information or to start your campaign.